EVVA started with a simple question...

Why is it so hard for SMEs to get access to financial services?

We've got in Mexico more than 4 million of them generating 72% of the employment and contributing with up to 52% of the GDP. These are the companies that make Mexico competitive, these are the people that creates an impact and fosters growth within our country.

However, we know it is not easy. Small companies face myriad problems on a day-to-day basis. 80% of them in Mexico “die” due to inefficient or non-existing financial management, problems managing cash flows, unexpected outgoings, financing options. And the truth is: money anxiety persists in every entrepreneur.

That's why here at EVVA, we are rethinking business banking by crafting financial experiences made personal, transparent and simple; with the ambition to help the entrepreneurs in Mexico to make better decisions about their money, their business and their future.

EVVA comes from our manifesto

Entrepreneurship: our daily inspiration. We are focused on the entrepreneur’s financial needs so they can focus on what really matters: their business.

Veracity: being transparent and direct with our customers. We are totally against hidden fees and complex pricings.

Velocity: everything changes at a lightspeed pace. Being agile and adaptable is key to succeed. We craft agile financial experiences with the ultimate goal of making small businesses grow to the next level.

Accessible: being inclusive. Our services must be open to all entrepreneurs that want to create an impact and contribute to its country’s economy.

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Where are we

We are an international team of creators, passionated by
financial innovation and its social impact

Located in Oslo Norway and Mexico City

Our advisors

Yook Shee

Entrepreneurial leader in banking technology innovation, 20 years of banking experience helping T1 banks and fintech such as BNP Paribas, EVRY and Klarna.

Susanne Hannestad

Current CEO of Fintech Mundi, helping high potential financial technology companies to develop their ideas, commercialize their products and grow their businesses internationally.

Borghild Holen

Experienced senior vice president with experience from international banks and international investments. Strong professional skills in international finance and business in emerging markets and developing countries.

Magne Angelshaug

Currently working on new business models and banking innovations in one of the first digital banks in Norway, Sbanken.

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